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We’re on a mission to restore the ecological health of Sumberkima by conserving the reef and reforesting the hills. We work together with the villagers to develop more sustainable channels of income and build a better future for the community. Supported by scientists and experts, Metamorfosa aims to be a pilot project for the rest of Indonesia.


Our goal is to restore the reef in a way that helps the village of Sumberkima flourish economically too. By developing the area as a hub for ecotourism, we hope to bring sustainable success to the region.

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Together with the Banjar Chief, the villagers, local school children and The Sumberkima Hill Retreat we are working on reforesting the hills of Sumberkima so that future generations can inherit a thriving and enriched home.

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The local community is at the centre of everything we do as it is their natural inheritance that is at stake. We provide education and job opportunities in the project to locals so that they can regenerate the region with us.

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We offer different unique experiences that go hand in hand with positive impact and show you what Metamorfosa is working on

Explore the bay on a SUP board

We have our own line of custom made SUP boards so you can explore our shimmering bay in style!

Sunset Yoga on Gili Putih

Move from one asana to another with the gentle sea breeze tickling your toes!

Experience Komang’s canoe trips

Komang loves to take you on one of his canoe trips in Sumberkima Bay. You can canoe amongst the mangroves or visit the…

Visit our underwater art gallery

Visit our underwater art gallery and get inspired by its message. You can also sponsor a piece of baby coral!

Plant a tree!

Would you like to help us make the hills green again?


How to save the world without being an activist

In a time when crowdfunding portals exist for all kinds of worthy causes, it is easy to find a way to create direct impact simply by donating some of your wealth to a good cause!

7 amazing experiences that go hand in hand with positive impact

Metamorfosa is here to show you how you can help save the world… and have the time of your life as you do it!

The Power of the Community

In these times, with economic factors taking a staggering toll on the ecology and culture of a place, projects that seek to preserve nature and community are of utmost importance!

Vote with your wallet

Carrying our responsibilities with us on our travels can feel counterintuitive and cumbersome - but who says that you cannot combine exciting, fun experiences with ethical choices?

Tending to Your Coral Garden – A Three-Step Process

Sadly, coral reefs have taken a hard hit from the rise in water temperature and ocean acidification as a result of global warming and diseases caused by pollution. Metamorfosa aims to rebuild natural populations to promote recovery of the corals. But how do we do this? We follow this three-step process!

Behind the scenes – Totok’s Dream

In "Totok's Dream", Martijn van Monsjou and Tobias Buijs capture the story of Metamorfosa as a part of  Gemtrack's documentary series “Positive Pioneers”.


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We believe in the power of the community!

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