Visit our underwater art gallery

One of the innovative ways in which Metamorfosa is restoring the reef is by placing structures underwater that can form a strong base for the baby corals to grow on. Rather than using ordinary structures, they decided to use sculptures instead, enhancing the beauty of the reef. Several artists from worldover are working on a series of sculptures around the theme of ‘change’ to represent the dynamism that is required of us in order to save the world. You can scuba dive to the seabed and admire the delicate beauty of this underwater art gallery!

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Price: IDR 400.000 per person

Sponsor a wish!

One of the structures we’re placing underwater is a wish tree. You can sponsor one more baby coral to be added to the reef, along with your wish for change. On an aluminium piece, you can inscribe your wish for what you would like to see change in the world. Over time, your wish and the coral will grow together, this luminous positivity turning into an ideal home for many species of fish!

Sponsor a wish

Price: IDR 100.000 per wish