The more woke and enlightened that generations get, the more we learn to survey the radius of impact that comes from our lifestyle choices. We learn to ask questions about where our clothes come from, whether those mangoes from halfway across the globe are worth the food miles they have accumulated and so on and so forth. Sometimes, this leaves us feeling helpless and inhibited – what can we do anymore without leaving a trail of destruction in our wake! However, unravelling supply chains does not always have to be an exercise in despair and exhaustion. Metamorfosa is here to show you how you can help save the world… and have the time of your life as you do it!

Metamorfosa is a reef restoration project in Sumberkima, North West Bali that is built along the lines of holistic development and follows a model of ecotourism that focuses on ecology, economy and culture. In order to continue saving the reef, funds need to be gathered and they sought to do this by inviting tourists to be collaborators, simply by choosing to have fun with this wholesome and ethical enterprise. Here’s how you can vote with your wallet and support Metamorfosa while simultaneously enjoying these thrilling and beautiful experiences!



1. Canoe Trip

The Bay of Sumberkima is alight with nature’s bounty. Lined with mangrove trees and boasting a backdrop of mountains as well as the volcanoes of Java, this unique setting is as picturesque as it gets. Metamorfosa can take you on guided tours in comfortable canoes where the charming Komang will dive into the ecological marvel that is a mangrove forest! With the skies changing colour above you as the sun either rises or sets, what could be a better site for learning about the marvels of the bay?



2. Sunset Yoga on White Sand Island

Gili Putih is a gorgeous island in the Bay of Sumberkima, covered in soft white sand. Yoga sessions here are a treat to every sense as you move from one asana to another with the gentle sea breeze tickling your toes. There is no better place than a serene corner in the lap of nature to reconnect with your inner harmony and align those naughty chakras! You can book a session with Metamorfosa and introduce the yogi in you to true bliss.



3. Sponsoring a wish

You can sponsor one more baby coral to be added to the reef, along with your wish for change. On an aluminium piece, you can inscribe your wish for what you would like to see change in the world. Over time, your wish and the coral will grow together, this luminous positivity turning into an ideal home for many species of fish!



4. Visiting our underwater art gallery

One of the innovative ways in which Metamorfosa is restoring the reef is by placing structures underwater that can form a strong base for the baby corals to grow on. Rather than using ordinary structures, they decided to use sculptures instead, enhancing the beauty of the reef. Several artists from worldover are working on a series of sculptures around the theme of ‘change’ to represent the dynamism that is required of us in order to save the world. You can scuba dive to the seabed and admire the delicate beauty of this underwater art gallery!



5. Planting a tree

As part of the reforestation mission, you can sponsor a tree of your choice to be planted on Sumberkima Hill. Forest fires in the dry season severely affect the ecology and Metamorfosa is attempting to tackle the problem by planting as many trees as possible. The tree that you plant will be connected to you by a what3words code so that you can see its exact location on the map! Adopt a tree, save a hill!



6. Island dances with Secret Sunrise

We can organize guided dance sessions for bigger groups on our white sand island with Secret Sunrise. With these dances, we celebrate the sun, the moon, our community and the joy of coming together. The sunset editions end with a barbecue on the beach under the starry sky as intriguing conversations unravel around you. The morning editions allow you to start your day with the golden sun, dancing with your feet in the sand as you and your new friends let loose, bond and spark joy.



7. SUPping in the bay

We have our own line of custom made SUP boards so you can explore our shimmering Bay in style. You can use them to paddle around the bay, go from snorkel spot to snorkel spot and if you feel confident in your paddle power, you can even go all the way to Gili Putih! But if you are on the lazier side, you can also grab a rope and wakeboard behind the Metamorfosa boat to get there a bit faster. Spend the afternoon enjoying the gentle current and the warm sunshine.