Dive instructor Totok grew up in Sumberkima Bay, where he spent a lot of time in the ocean as a child, enjoying the beauty of the colourful reefs. He has witnessed the deterioration of the reefs over the past 30 years and is now determined to make them healthy again.  Metamorfosa aims to restore the reef by looking at all conditions that are necessary for sustainable success. We're creating a balanced ecosystem that can also generate income for the villagers to ensure long term success. We help to improve conditions for coral to grow well by farming crops that keep the water clean, like sea cucumbers, scallops and sea weed. By offering guided tours and sponsorship options, we can involve visitors in our mission and let them contribute to the project. We hope to be an example and learning environment for other areas with the same dreams and goals.


Metamorfosa has started a coral nursery where pieces of baby coral can grow before we place them on the sculptures underwater. These sculptures with the baby coral attached to them form the beginning of a new, healthy reef.


Another part of the project is a seacucumber, seaweed & testacean farm that helps improve the quality of the sea water and eco-system of Sumberkima Bay. This farm also provides interesting commercial opportunities for the local fishermen. It helps create a good balance in the eco-system.


We are working on building a turtle hatchery to make the turtle population in Sumberkima Bay grow.


Artists are working on a series of sculptures within the theme of ‘change’ that together form an underwater art gallery. You are very welcome to visit this underwater art gallery and we hope you will get inspired by its message!


We would like you to be part of our mission by taking part in our experiences. There are also options for sponsoring our projects.

Experiences - Reef Restoration

Experience Komang’s canoe trips

Komang loves to take you on one of his canoe trips in Sumberkima Bay. You can canoe amongst the mangroves or visit the…

Visit our underwater art gallery

Visit our underwater art gallery and get inspired by its message. You can also sponsor a piece of baby coral!