Our mission.

We’re on a mission to restore the ecological health of Sumberkima by conserving the reef and reforesting the hills. We work together with the villagers to develop more sustainable channels of income and build a better future for the community.

We plant coral.

Our wellbeing is closely tied with the health of the reef system - it protects us from storms, harbours fish that we can catch and assists with carbon and nitrogen fixing, keeping our climate stable. Help us by planting a baby coral!

Plant a baby coral

We plant trees.

Once a thriving oasis, our arid hills are now prone to forest fires. We have seen a reduction in rainfall which has affected not only our crop cycles but driven several endemic species out of their habitats. You can plant a tree with us!

Plant a tree

We provide education.

We are working to reignite the lost knowledge of stewardship so that our community can preserve natural resources and pass on what we have been blessed with. Visit us and we will show you!

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We regrow coral reefs with art and the blockchain.

Bringing new life and growth to dying coral reefs, to help protect our planet for future generations. This is one of the first coral art NFT projects in the world - with your support we can have a big impact.

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Offset your carbonfootprint with Metamorfosa.Become a Patron!

You can offset your carbon footprint by planting corals or trees with us. It is impossible to live a regular life without emitting some amount of carbon. Metamorfosa’s carbon capture systems allow you to ensure that your net impact for the planet is a positive one.

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