NFT Underwater Sculpture Park Exhibition 2022

We regrow coral reefs with art and the blockchain. Bringing new life and growth to dying coral reefs, to help protect our planet for future generations. This is one of the first coral art nft projects in the world - with your support we can have a big impact.

We need your help to recover the reefs.

Many reefs have been destroyed by fishing and global warming. And we need your help to recover them! Coral reefs are one of the most valuable ecosystems on our planet and need to be protected to survive. Though corals cover less than 1% of the ocean floor, they’re home to 25% of all marine creatures. These reefs provide a rich habitat that helps protect young fish as they grow and are essential for our oceans biodiversity. Metamorfosa, an NGO based in North West Bali has been replanting and successfully growing coral on a destroyed reef in Sumberkima Bay for the past 6 years. In total around 10.000 pieces of coral have been planted so far.

We regrow coral reefs with art and the blockchain.

Coral reefs are one of the most diverse habitats for wildlife and are by itself an amazing beautiful piece of natural art. By using reefs as novel art galleries, we want to capture people’s attention and have them fall in love with the natural beauty of the underwater world. Our aim is to build a global network of underwater regenerative art galleries and living sculptures. Creating incentives for local communities and providing new streams of income as well through ecotourism.

2022’s Underwater Sculpture Exhibition will be an introductory exhibition of a scalable framework which can be replicated in other regions across the planet. We work with an incredible selection of 20 international artists. Sculptures will first be created as 3D digital models, which will be auctioned as NFTs and produced as real structures to be planted as pieces of a growing artificial reef. Those who own one of these exclusive NFT artworks will also own the sculpture underwater.


Phase 1: April - June 2022
Launch of project
Artist invitation (in process)
Media outreach & partnerships

Phase 2: July - September 2022
Initial launch of NFT sale
Production of sculptures

Phase 3: October - November 2022
Planting sculptures & growing the artificial reef

Anton Zanimonets

Alex Hudepohl

Bam Bam

Bernard Hudepohl

Christian Oechtering

Ketut Totok

Simon Temple


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