Visit our bay.

We invite you to visit us in Sumberkima and immerse in our natural bounty. Our fishermen turned divemasters will take you to our coral reef, our underwater art gallery and tell you all about our marine counterparts. We can take you on hiking trails through jungles, scrublands

Underwater Art Gallery

One of the ways in which we are restoring the reef is by placing artistic structures underwater that can form a strong base for the baby corals to grow on. You can scuba dive to the seabed and witness the beauty of this underwater art gallery!
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Diving with Totok

Dive into an underwater world of marine beauty and aquatic wonders that have returned to the bay. From nudibranchs to clownfish, you can witness the most delightful marine life in our growing reef
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Kayaking in our bay

We can take you on guided tours in Kayaks where the charming Komang will dive into the ecological marvel that is a mangrove forest! With the skies changing colour above you, what could be a better site for learning about the marvels of the bay?
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We have our own line of custom made SUP boards so you can explore our shimmering bay in style. You can use them to paddle around the bay, go from snorkel spot to snorkel spot or all the way to Gili Putih!
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Our Floating restaurant

Enjoy the fresh catch of the day in our floating restaurant in the bay. You can enjoy the colourful sunset here as the staff serves you the tastiest fish in town!
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Gili Putih

Visit the white sand island on a canoe and enjoy a barbecue, yoga session or a swim in the sea! You can also lay back with a book and have a fun day out with your loved ones
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Turtle Hatchery

Learn about our conservation efforts with native turtle species and if the season is right, release a hatchling into the ocean! We follow only ethical practices at the hatchery and release the turtle within 48 hours of hatching.
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Botanical Walk

Learn the uses, history and fun facts about the plants and trees we grow on Sumberkima Hill. From medicinal uses to peculiar migratory origins, there is much to be learned from the trees!
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Hiking in the hills

You can try your hand at the machete on a guided walk with the village chief, pass through back country villages where tourists rarely go and take in the beauty of abundant nature and culture on every trail!
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Beach clean ups

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